Russia is about to begin "passportization" of occupied Donbass "one hundred percent" - Russian propagandist 03/21/2019 11:51:04. Total views 1014. Views today — 0.

Russian authorities will begin to provide Russian citizenship to residents of the occupied Donbass in the near future. This was reported by Semion Pegov in an interview with one of the separatist publications.

"Pretty soon, the residents of the "DNR" and "LNR" will start receiving Russian passports, so the Donbass is also ours  (Russian – OstroV) by far", - he stated.

"I let it slip... about preparing for the issuance of Russian passports in the Donbass. In fact, the information is 100% confirmed by several sources", - Pegov commented later on his words in social network.

As OstroV reported, information that the Kremlin is preparing a mass issuance of Russian passports to residents of the occupied Donbass, also referring to 100% sources, was reported by Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) and creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky.

The authors of the rumors spread even call the date when the residents of CADLO begin to receive passports of the aggressor country.