State Border Guard Service strengthens border security on the eve of election 03/14/2019 16:10:08. Total views 657. Views today — 0.

State Border Guard Service strengthens protection of the Ukrainian border on the eve of presidential election. This was reported at a press conference in Kyiv today by Assistant to the Chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodian, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"The State Border Guard Service is taking steps to strengthen border security in connection with the preparation and conduct of the presidential election in Ukraine. The purpose of strengthening measures is to prevent provocations at the state border, trafficking of weapons, ammunition, explosives and other means of terror", - he reported.

The State Border Guard Service noted that the measures are also being held in order to prevent persons who may destabilize the situation in the country from entering Ukraine.

"Active phase of strengthening the border guard system will begin next week. Due to the maneuvers of forces and means, the border patrols will be strengthened at the checkpoints and beyond them, the use of technical means and service dogs will be intensified, interaction with other law enforcement agencies and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be strengthened", - Oleh Slobodian said.

According to him, increased attention will be paid to the entry into Ukraine of international observers and accredited media representatives.

"The pass will be carried out and is already being carried out according to the preliminary lists of persons who received accreditation at the Central Election Commission", - the speaker of the State Border Guard Service noted.

Oleh Slobodian reported that according to the CEC lists, more than 800 media representatives are expected to arrive.