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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on February 20, the enemy fired at the positions of our troops nine times, eight of them - with the use of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements at a rate of 101 mines of 120 and 82 mm, - the JFO press center reported. As a result of the shelling, one serviceman of the Joint Forces was wounded.

The "DNR" occupation authorities stated that Special Representative of the OSCE in the Tripartite Contact Group Martin Sajdik visited occupied Donetsk on February 15-16. Separatist media reported this with reference to the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs". According to the "ministry," he "discussed the most important issues of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass with the leadership of the republic, as well as general security situation in the region". It is revealing that the "MFA of the DNR" states that the OSCE special representative visited occupied Donetsk on February 15-16, but information about this was made public only three days later - on February 19. On February 19, the press service of the OSCE SMM declined to comment to OstroV on the message of the "DNR" authorities, having recommended that the request be sent to the OSCE Communication and Media Relations Office, located in Vienna (Austria). At the moment, there has been no response to the OstroV's request for information about Martin Saidik's visit to occupied Donetsk.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" announced opening of the cultural center of the "republic" in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was reported by separatist media. The founder of this "center" is certain Jean-Gustav Mukadi. He stated that he considers "this step a new level of official relations between our countries and peoples".

The head of the Volnovakha District Department of the State Enforcement Service of the Donetsk oblast disappeared in the temporarily uncontrolled territory of the region, - UNN reports, citing the law enforcement agencies. A few days ago, the man went to the city of Makiivka to visit his mother. On February 15, the woman called his wife, who is located in the territory of Donetsk oblast controlled by Ukraine, and said that two unidentified men came to her house and took her son. Since then, there is no contact with the man. His whereabouts is unknown.

Illegal armed formations mined the road near the occupied villages of Sakhanka and Bezimenne. This was reported by the Joint Forces Operation headquarters. "In the northeastern region of Mariupol, which is not controlled by the authorities of Ukraine, the UAV of the OSCE SMM recorded 12 TM-62 anti-tank mines set at the M14 highway near the villages of Sakhanka and Bezimenne", - the report said.

A grenade exploded in one of the garages in occupied Makiivka, as a result of what a man was seriously injured. This was reported by the separatist publics in social networks. "Bazhanova settlement, Zaslonova street, a grenade explosion in the garage, there is an injured. Diagnosis: traumatic amputation of the left foot, multiple open fractures of the right foot. He was hospitalized in critical condition", - the statement said.

In Sorokyne (formerly - Krasnodon), occupied by the "LNR" militants", an unemployed man stole a safe with money from a grocery store because of debts, - separatist media reported. The kidnapper, born in 1988, has already been detained by the local so-called "police" and admitted stealing. "The man told that he was not officially employed and decided to commit a crime because of the debts", - the occupation "police" reported.