The Kremlin planned provocations on the contact line on the eve of negotiations in Munich – Tymchuk 02/10/2016 21:20:12. Total views 1541. Views today — 1.

The leaders of the "DPR" terrorist organization developed an action plan agreed with the Kremlin militants’ curators, according to which provocations on the contact line will be carried out in areas of Maryenka-Krasnogorovka and Kominternovo-Pishchevik. This is stated in the report of the Information resistance group of military experts on Facebook page.

These provocations are planned on the eve of the Normandy format negotiations at the weekend in Munich.

In addition, one of the leaders of the DPR militants A. Timofeyev (nickname "Tashkent") said at the meeting with the "heads of departments of the Ministry of Revenues" that employees are prohibited to use mobile connection, serviced by Ukrainian operators, in the discussion of official matters. They are allowed to use only mobile connection provided by Phoenix terrorists operator. In the case of data on the use of Ukrainian operators’ cards by "the tax officers of the DPR", Timofeyev promised immediate arrests and charges of "treason".