Territory of important pumping station shelled in Donetsk oblast 01/23/2019 15:33:16. Total views 954. Views today — 0.

The territory of pumping station of the first raising of the Yuzhnodonbass water supply system was shelled, - the press service of the Voda Donbassa utility company reports.

Today, January 23, employees of the Yasynuvata site of the Donetsk branch found four fresh shell craters on the territory of the pumping station.

Water from the Siverskyi Donets-Donbass channel is being supplied from this pumping station, which is located in the grey zone between the villages of Kruta Balka and Vasylivka, to four filtering stations: Karlovska, Velykoanadolska, Starokrymsk No. 1 and No. 2.