Ukrainian sailors in Lefortovo court refuse to testify, insisting on status of prisoners of war 01/15/2019 17:24:30. Total views 780. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian sailors have refused to testify in the Lefortovo Court of Moscow, insisting on their status of prisoners of war. This is reported by LIGABusinessInform with reference to the Russian media.

Bohdan Holovash, Serhiy Popov, Andriy Shevchenko and Volodymyr Tereshchenko were among those who refused to testify. They refused to answer questions from the court that were not related to establishment of their identity.

"I refuse to answer further questions in accordance with Article 17 of the Geneva Convention", - each of them stated.

Today, the Russian court is considering the possibility of extending the term of keeping sailors in custody for another 3 months.

It is also noted that the FSB achieved a closed trial of the Ukrainian sailors.

All Ukrainian sailors captured by the FSB of Russia in the Black Sea recognized themselves as prisoners of war.