Russian propagandist boasts that "DNR" militants are taking part in yellow vests' actions (PHOTO) 12/29/2018 18:56:37. Total views 1225. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" militants from the terrorist Piatnashka Brigade take part in anti-government actions of yellow vests in France. This was written by Russian propagandist Semion Pegov as part of his WarGonzo project.

"The "DNR" fighters from Piatnashka were noticed at the protests in France. Pay attention to chevron of the corresponding international brigade on the shoulder of a young man. The Donbass guys are engaged in reconnaissance in the deepest rear. Paris today", - he wrote, having accompanied his post with an appropriate photo.


As previously reported, protesters in France in yellow vests of road workers have been holding protest actions since November, which are accompanied by clashes with police and violence.