Officer of fake police fires at a civilian vehicle and injures driver in occupied Donetsk 12/20/2018 16:30:09. Total views 1176. Views today — 0.

An officer of the fake police operating in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast has fired at a civilian vehicle and injured its driver in Donetsk. The incident occurred on December 10, but the press service of the "Prosecutor General's Office" of the "DNR" reported this only today.

According to the press service, the "law enforcement officer" fired several shots from the service weapon in the direction of the car, the driver of which did not stop at the request of the "traffic police officers" on the Gornaya Street. "The driver of the vehicle received a gunshot wound to the head", - the statement said.

The pseudo-prosecutor's office has opened a "criminal case" against the shooter, since such actions "clearly go beyond his authority".

According to the "laws" operating in the occupied territory, the "police officer" is threatened with imprisonment from three to 10 years.

This is one of the few cases when CADO recognize the illegality of the actions of representatives of the illegal armed formations.