Young businessman was kidnapped and killed in Gorlovka: a ransom of 200 thousand dollars was demanded – journalist 02/08/2016 16:44:48. Total views 1387. Views today — 1.

The businessman was kidnapped and killed in Gorlovka. Journalist Nikita Sinitsyn reported about it on his Facebook page.

According to his information, there was a funeral of 29-year-old entrepreneur, previously kidnapped by unknown, last week in Gorlovka.

"According to my information, he was kidnapped at the beginning of January, and a ransom of 200 thousand US dollars was demanded for his release. By the appointed time parents had managed to collect and transmit the demanded amount of money to kidnappers, after that contact with kidnappers was interrupted. The businessman's body was found near one of the ponds near Myrnyi village, Gorlovka district last Monday,"- said Sinitsyn.

He noted that the victim "was engaged in business, a frequent visitor to the city's entertainment places and had a tranquil, polite character".