"DNR deputy" named advantage of "republic": you can steal with impunity from all 11/21/2018 12:18:16. Total views 878. Views today — 0.

The ability to steal other people's technologies with impunity is a great advantage of the terrorist "DNR". Such a statement was made by fake "deputy" of the so-called "people's council of the republic" Fyodor Berezin in his commentary to the Federal News Agency Russian resource.

Speaking about the use of new technologies in the occupied territory, he stated that by virtue of its non-recognition, the "DNR" has the right to violate copyrights and steal other people's achievements.

"I will tell you now an extremely seditious thing. We are unrecognized republics, aren't we? So, we can steal technology from anyone we want! Nobody can forbid it. Legal proceedings? Well, recognize us first, then we will have legal proceedings and pay debts", - Berezin said.

In his opinion, in terms of the theft of foreign technologies, the occupation authorities of the "DNR" can do "anything".

"You consider us illegal! We need to benefit from what we have", - Fyodor Berezin, who considers himself "deputy" of the fake parliament of the non-existent republic, concluded.