"DNR" destroys expired ammunition sent from Russia - Information Resistance 11/19/2018 15:26:30. Total views 990. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" militants dispose expired ammunition sent from Russia by the method of explosion. This is stated in the summary of the Information Resistance group.

"Recycling of small batches of ammunition by the method of explosion is being recorded on several firing ranges at once (similar events were held this week in the south from Horlivka in quarries and on "firing ranges"). The main reason is delivery of expired ammunition from the Russian Federation, when their use is unsafe for the militants themselves", - it reports.

Initially, the press service of the "People's Militia" (of the "DNR" gangs - OstroV) acknowledged this fact without indicating the belonging of the explosive ordnance.

However, after a while, the separatist resources spread "corrected" information that allegedly, they destroy the "unexploded mines and shells of the AFU, found on the contact line". The inconsistency of the versions, as well as the fact that this operation was not announced in advance, made the locals doubt that the "planned disposal" was underway. Panic messages about powerful explosions have appeared in social networks.

As previously reported, the "DNR" militants are trying to stop the panic caused by powerful explosions near the city of Chystyakove (formerly Torez). As Eduard Basurin, who calls himself deputy head of the "people's militia" in the "DNR", told that the explosions at the Torez firing range, which frightened the local residents, "are the result of destruction of the unexploded mines, artillery shells, grenades and missile elements, reported by representatives of the OSCE Mission in their reports". He assured that the ammunition explosions would not stop in the near future since their "destruction will continue as planned".