Owners of cars with European registration announce another protest on November 20 11/13/2018 14:56:03. Total views 867. Views today — 0.

Owners of cars with foreign registration announced another protest on November 20. This is stated in the video message of the Auto Euro Sila organization on its Facebook page.

Initially, the rally was scheduled to be held on November 15, but it was postponed to November 20 in connection with the work of parliament.

"In order to cancel two bills - No.8487, which were voted on in the second reading with certificates from the auto-oligarchs, we have two tools. The first is voting by the Verkhovna Rada for the draft law of Derevianko (to cancel the two voted bills). This tool can be implemented no sooner than it will be included on the agenda of the Rada, and this will not be until the 20th. If we get together earlier, we will have to stand for too long and it will be senseless", - the video message said.

In their opinion, the second tool on which they can count on in the future is the president's veto.

As it was reported earlier, on November 8, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No. 8487 "on introducing amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the taxation of excise tax on light vehicles" in its second reading. The bill was adopted as amended by the committee and does not take into account the position of the Auto Euro Sila non-governmental organization which demanded a revision of the formula for calculating the excise tax. Bill 8487 implies a reduction in the existing excise tax, however, it remains tied to the age of the car and engine capacity: the older the car and the larger the engine, the higher the tax will have to be paid.