"DNR" lies that OSCE coordinator Martin Sajdik does not oppose fake elections (PHOTO) 11/08/2018 12:02:03. Total views 874. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" propagandists have spread false information that ostensibly, the OSCE coordinator Martin Sajdik made it clear that he was not opposing the illegal elections of leaders of the "republics" and their parliaments.

Thus, according to representative of CADR (certain areas of Donetsk regions) in the political group of the Contact Group Natalia Mikhailova, the Ukrainian party in Minsk failed to achieve a joint statement of the Contact Group to condemn the fake elections.

Without specifying that the consensus could not be achieved because of the position of Russia, exercising control over the occupied Donbass, Mikhailova stated that the OSCE coordinator Martin Sajdik allegedly did not consider that the "elections" on November 11 did not fit into the Minsk process.

Separatist media write that she "noted that even the OSCE coordinator Martin Sajdik "expressed the hope that the electoral process would not impede implementation of the Minsk agreements despite his personal sympathy for Kyiv's position".

In fact, Mr. Sajdik's assessment of the fake "elections" in the occupied Donbas sounds different.

"The issue of the so-called "elections" in CADR and CALR announced for the upcoming Sunday was raised in the TCG plenary session. In this context, let me reiterate my already uttered position: I consider that the holding of the so-called "elections" does not correspond either to the letter or to the spirit of the Minsk agreements", - is said in his press statement after the November 6th Group meeting.