Arab student from Russia turned out to be "foreign observer" in "election" in "LNR" 10/31/2018 15:27:35. Total views 1100. Views today — 1.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" are trying to give the planned "elections" at least some semblance of legitimacy using the comments of random people who are called "foreign observers". Such a substitution of notions can often be seen in separatist media.

For example, a certain observer from Yemen named Al-Hasheb Rashid Abdulkudos Ibrahim signed under another statement that the election in the "LNR" is the way to build the "basic norms of democracy" and that the "elections" in the occupied Donbass, not recognized by the whole world by default, "do not contradict the Minsk agreements".

As the vigilant users of social networks have noticed, the Arab medical student from Russian Oryol, who does not represent any serious democratic institution, has acted as a "foreign observer".

As reported, the Minsk agreements, first of all, provide for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass with the status of "districts with a special order of local self-government". As for the local elections, according to the Minsk agreements, they should be held under Ukrainian legislation. Under all the documents signed in Minsk, there are signatures, including of the puppet leaders of the occupied Donbass. Such concepts like the "DNR" or "LNR", as well as the names of any positions of "heads of republics", do not appear in the Minsk documents at all. Thus, the Minsk agreements do not recognize the subjectivity of the "DNR/LNR" by default and do not provide for the presence of authorities in them and, accordingly, procedure for their election.