27 people stay in hospitals of occupied Makiivka due to mass poisoning 10/02/2018 15:27:51. Total views 765. Views today — 0.

Twenty-seven people stay in hospitals after alleged mass poisoning with drinking water in occupied Makiivka. It is reported by the press service of the fake "Ministry of Health", acting on the part of Donetsk oblast controlled by the militants.

According to the information as of October 1, 116 people in Makiivka, including 86 children, went to the health care facilities as a result of intestinal infection. 27 people get inpatient treatment, the rest are discharged.

At the moment, there are no mass hospitalizations. "Anti-epidemic measures to localize and eliminate the source of infection continue", — the "department" told.

More than 70 samples of food and drinking water were taken, the selected material is in the works.

As previously reported, at the beginning of last week, information about the outbreak of infectious diseases in Makiivka appeared. It is associated with deterioration in the quality of drinking water. The locals reported in social networks that tap water in Makiivka has a clear chemical smell. "People are being poisoned", - the residents of Makiivka reported. Only on Wednesday, the occupation authorities recognized that the problem really existed.

Commissioner of the Ukrainian Parliament for Human Rights in Donbass Pavlo Lysyansky reported on Friday that 117 people were hospitalized in occupied Makiivka in connection with alleged poisoning with drinking water.