European Parliament is shocked by human rights violations in Crimea and calls on Russia to begin negotiations on the de-occupation 02/04/2016 19:03:17. Total views 2052. Views today — 1.

The European Parliament condemns the unprecedented level of human rights violations committed against Crimean Tatars on the peninsula occupied by Russia. This is stated in European Parliament resolution that was adopted today – reports Ukrainska Pravda.

"Members of the European Parliament condemn the unprecedented level of human rights violations committed against the inhabitants of Crimea, mainly Tatars, indigenous people of Crimea, and severe restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly," - said the text.

MEPs underline that Russia, as a state, that occupied the peninsula, takes responsibility to ensure safety of the entire population and should together with the local de facto authorities effectively, impartially and transparently investigate all cases of disappearance, torture and human rights violations committed by the police and paramilitary forces, that have been active on the Crimean peninsula since February, 2014.

In addition, MEPs call on the Russian Federation to release immediately Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko, who were sentenced in the Russian Federation, and to ensure their safe return to Ukraine.

MEPs welcome the Ukrainian initiative to establish an international negotiation mechanism to restore Ukrainian sovereignty over Crimea in the Geneva Plus format, which should include the EU's immediate interaction.

"We call on Russia to start negotiations with Ukraine and other parties on the issue of de-occupation of Crimea to restore trade and lift the embargo and state of emergency in Crimea", - stated the text.

MEPs also expressed their support for the EU decision to ban the import of products from Crimea, if they are not accompanied by a certificate of origin from the Ukrainian authorities, as well as restrictions imposed on the export of certain goods and technology, investment, trade and services to Crimea.

"We call on the EU to continue to be guided by these sanctions until the full reintegration of Crimea into the framework of the legislation of Ukraine is completed," - stated the text.