Frozen conflict in Donbass is beneficial to Russia, so it will last a long time - McFaul 09/18/2018 14:45:55. Total views 989. Views today — 0.

A conflict in the Donbass is profitable for Russia, so the military situation will not change for another five-seven years. This opinion was expressed in an interview with LIGA.net by former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2012-2014) Michael McFaul.

"I am a pessimist in this respect. Military situation in the Donbass will be perpetuated: what is happening there today will happen in five-seven years", - he noted.

According to him, there will be no changes for the worse or for the better: "Unfortunately, the status quo will last for a long time. The frozen conflict is beneficial to Russia, and we have no influence to change this situation".

McFaul added that economic sanctions would not stop Russia, but they are still needed. "Not because it will have a serious impact on the economic factors in Russia - and therefore, directly on its President Putin. It is a fantasy. Sanctions do not work that way. Russia is still not a democratic system. But sometimes, it is necessary to do the right things simply because these are the right things", - he said.

When asked why the world actually turns a blind eye to Russia's international terrorism and continues to sit down with Putin at the same negotiating table, McFaul answered: "It is a good question, but I do not know the answer to it".

A few days ago, there were hearings in the U.S. Congress on a new package of tough sanctions against Russia - this time, for the attack in Salisbury. It was stated that Russia is an extremely serious threat to the European allies of the USA and other partners. It was said during the hearings: sanctions against the Russian Federation for the war in Donbass will not be weakened until Moscow fulfills its obligations under the Minsk agreements, and restrictive measures for seizing the Crimea will continue until the Kremlin gives control over the peninsula to Ukraine.