"DNR/LNR" militants lose 2-3 people dead each day – Russian propagandist 09/13/2018 15:09:29. Total views 608. Views today — 0.

For several years, the "DNR/LNR" militants daily lose 2-3 people dead. This figure was cited by Russian propagandist Dmitriy Steshin in his report for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"Actually, there were no active military operations on the Donbass fronts since 2015. The war has turned into a positional one, which in reality collects the same bloody harvest, only it is spread through time and not so noticeable. The loss figures are classified. But unofficially, 2-3 soldiers perish every day only in the DNR over a number of years", - he writes.

"I heard this terrible phrase – "let at least a thousand perish at one whack, than IT will drag on for months" – from people in the uniform not once nor twice", - his report said.