Fake "DNR deputies" start rebel against acting leader Trapeznikov 09/06/2018 16:06:16. Total views 703. Views today — 0.

Announcement of Dmitriy Trapeznikov the leader of the terrorist "DNR" does not comply with the "legislation" of the fake republic. Such statement was made by Alexey Zhigulin, who calls himself "deputy of the People's Council of the DNR".

"The tragic death of Alexander Zakharchenko led to the fact that a stalemate situation has legally arisen in the "Donetsk People's Republic" today", - the "deputy" is concerned.

He clarifies that according to the "constitution of the DNR", it is established that the powers of leader in the event of his death are earlier terminated by the decision of the "people's council", and the first deputy "chairman of the council of ministers" is appointed acting head.

However, as the "legislator" found out, deceased Zakharchenko did not bother to appoint the first vice-premier, confining himself to three ordinary deputies: A.Timofeev, Ye. Matiushchenko and D. Trapeznikov.

"The fact that in the context of the "constitution's" requirements, none of the above high-ranking officials has a legal right to perform the duties of head of the republic, is obvious", - Zhigulin concludes.

The decision to impose the duties of leader of the "DNR" on Dmitry Trapeznikov, taken by unknown people immediately after the liquidation of Alexander Zakharchenko, "does not stand up to scrutiny from a legal position", - the "deputy" states.