First-graders of Mariupol gymnasium were sent to sleep in the basement without ventilation (VIDEO) 09/03/2018 17:34:17. Total views 943. Views today — 0.

The dormitory for the first graders of the Mariupol gymnasium No. 2 was equipped in a basement room without ventilation. This is reported by MRPL.CITY.

According to the parents of schoolchildren of 1-A grade, they saw the premises only today. On September 1st, the children started studying according to the program "Intellect of Ukraine", and their parents went to make beds for a day's sleep.

There are two rooms for sleeping, however, according to the parents, it is impossible for children to sleep in one of them.

"We went to inspect the premises. We were horrified. A musty smell, the ventilation does not work, the windows could not be opened, the beds are small, the upper parts of the bunk beds are not safe. It's not clear how they allowed this room to be used as a dormitory", - the parents say.

According to the acting head of the city government of the State Security Service Eduard Kvashuk, the act of readiness of the school’s sanitary condition has not yet been signed.

"We have already noted that there were some violations. We will not sign the document until they fix it. The next check will be as soon as they report on what they did", - he said.

He was not aware that the dormitory was equipped in a semi-basement.

"It is forbidden to place studying rooms in basement and semi-basement premises, but the rules do not indicate that it is impossible to place dormitories there. The main thing is to have a dry room, etc. I think it's unlikely that someone will place a bedroom for children there", - said Kvashuk.

However, as it turned out, the children slept in this room last year as well.

The official advised the parents to apply to the education department and write a collective appeal to initiate an unscheduled inspection.