Armored vehicles from Russia are openly entering "DNR/LNR" in columns 08/31/2018 16:51:08. Total views 776. Views today — 0.

Columns of Russian armored vehicles, which, without masking themselves, are extensively moving around the occupied territory of the Donbass, indicate the preparation of illegal military formations of the "DNR/ LNR" for an offensive against the JFO. This is reported by the Luhansk separatist Nikolai Vulich, positioning himself as a person familiar with the operational situation.

"Well, dear friends, I cannot but share with you my data on strengthening the Army of the Republic. During the past 7 days, heavy equipment (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers) has been passing through Rovenky every day from the side of the Dolzhansky checkpoint (bordering the Russian Federation - OstroV). The vehicles bypass Luhansk through fields and go to Bakhmutka, as well as to the DNR", - he wrote in social networks.

According to him, "the columns of heavy equipment are no longer hidden, there are so many of them that it is possible to speak with confidence that zero hour is close".

Vulich writes that the columns are moving under the flags of the "DNR" and some "cossack" banners.

"Local residents already begin to worry from such a number of equipment", - rejoices the separatist. To calm them down, the command of the illegal forces declares that the vehicles "are for republican military competitions", scheduled for early September.

As previously reported, Nikolai Vulich had written that echelons with Russian armored vehicles enter the occupied territory of the Ukrainian Donbass every 2-3 days.