Occupiers in "DNR" started issue fake "certificates for permanent residence" to "their" people 08/31/2018 14:11:50. Total views 772. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" began to issue certain "certificates for permanent residence" to the "republic's" supporters who came to the occupied territory. As the fake "migration service of the DNR MIA" reported, the first "document" was handed to the unnamed "citizen of another state" on Thursday.

The terrorist "republic" explains that such certificates will be issued to "people who do not qualify for the DNR passport".

This "document allegedly guarantees the rights of a citizen, including the right to receive social benefits".

As previously reported, in addition to Russian and other countries' mercenaries, a great number of civilians come to the occupied Donbass: some people are attracted by the mild climate, other - by dumping prices for housing. Many Russian militants bring their families here. At the same time, according to the local "laws", most mercenaries and all the other people who illegally entered the Ukrainian territory, even if occupied, cannot obtain the fake "DNR" passport. Many "citizens of Russia/other countries/stateless persons who came to the "DNR" and protect the civilian population" (as the terrorist acts carried out by mercenaries in the "DNR" are called - OstroV) complain that they are not granted the "citizenship" of a non-existent state.

Thus, in order to somehow legalize the occupiers and illegally migrated to the occupied Donbass persons, a decision was made to issue them a kind of residence permit" - "certificate of permanent residence".