"There is no more money in the DNR". Timofeev ("Tashkent") sent his daughter to live in Moscow - social networks 08/30/2018 13:07:31. Total views 954. Views today — 0.

Alisa Timofeeva, daughter of self-proclaimed "Minister of incomes and fees of the DNR" Alexander Timofeev ("Tashkent") moves to Moscow at the insistence of her father. This is reported by the "Donetsk Aborigine" Telegram-channel.

"Do not take it for personal dislike, but we will again talk about Alisa Timofeeva... While her father tries to prove everyone that the Incomes are fine, that the victory is close, there is a quiet unhurried evacuation of a close circle. Alisa was clearly recommended to move to Moscow for permanent residence, and the arguments are plausible: "There is already nothing to do here, there is no money, no turnover", - wrote the separatist, opposed to the current authorities.

According to him, her father already purchased housing for Alisa Timofeeva in Moscow and provided her with starting capital for a successful business.

In addition, according to the information of the source, the brother of leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko did not want to live in the "young republic" and also left for Moscow.