"Head" of the occupied Sedove resigned: "no one wanted to hear him", and the village dies out 08/17/2018 17:28:12. Total views 617. Views today — 0.

In the territory of the Donetsk oblast, occupied by the militants of the "DNR", the former so-called "head of the administration" of Sedove settlement, Petr Svyatovets, had to "resign voluntarily". He complained about this in an interview with the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Svyatovets with regret said that "no one wanted to hear him", and "decisive reason" for the resignation was "unsatisfactory condition and preparation of the village for the summer season".

"It's not because I was dishonestly approaching my duties, they simply refused to hear me...", - he explained.

According to him, "the problem of high housing costs" was not solved in the settlement. "My proposals were never heard. I wanted the departmental boarding houses, if there were vacant rooms, let the Donetsk residents live there for an inexpensive fee, then the price in the private sector would fall as well...", - said Svyatovets.

He added that he also failed to bring down food prices in the village, because "it is closed, there are certain restrictions on the delivery of products, because there is a checkpoint at the entrance to the settlement".

Svyatovets also complained that "the only resort village in the republic" is not being cleaned, because "even the necessary number of workers were not assigned to that, let alone the equipment".

"I always asked, I made suggestions, but I did not get results. Then I realized that if I cannot do anything, then I'm out of place. Understanding that no one is helping me, I voluntarily resigned", - he admitted.

He also said that the work of the "administration" was limited to plans and conversations.

He also stated that "basically, only pensioners live in the village. There are almost no young people".

"21 children were born in 2017, and 118 people died. If this goes on, the village will die out", - the former "head of the administration" concluded.