Occupation authorities of "DNR" "officially" "grab" apartments in apartment building in Donetsk 08/14/2018 15:36:24. Total views 813. Views today — 0.

The occupation authorities in Donetsk have announced the introduction of "state administration" in relation to two apartments in apartment building along Dzerzhinsky Avenue. This is stated in the announcement of the fake "State Property Fund" of the "DNR".

"The DNR State Property Fund informs about real estate objects in relation to which the state administration has been introduced: … two apartments located in residential building along Dzerzhinsky Avenue, Donetsk", - the announcement said.

In March 2018, the "department" introduced "state administration" in 13 apartments, located in the said residential building.

At the same time, the occupation authorities appropriated the integrated premises of 49.1 square meters and 13.01 sq.m., located on the ground floor of the same residential building, and a premise of 72.0 sq.m. and 164.4 sq.m. located in the basement.

There is a new building along Dzerzhinsky Avenue. According to data for 2012, it was mentioned in the ads for sale of the apartments that the house was partially inhabited.