No one will restore flooded mines and "siphoned off" enterprises after liberation of Donbass – Tuka 08/07/2018 17:04:45. Total views 893. Views today — 0.

After the liberation of Donbass from the Russian occupation, no one will restore mines flooded by the militants and "siphoned off" enterprises. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories Heorhiy Tuka on the air of 112 Ukraine channel.

"Over a period of two years, I have repeatedly heard the statement of our European, first of all, our trade colleagues, that they are ready to provide assistance to this region after the liberation of Donbass", - he said.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister drew attention to the fact that these promises are accompanied by a kind of note that "there will be no former Donbass".

"I took part in at least five representative round tables organized by various organizations and institutions in order to develop some concept of the future liberated Donbass. I do not want to fantasize or imagine, but for all this time, I have heard that… There will be no former Donbass. And this is what I actually agree with. This means that for example, no one will ever restore 32 mines that are currently being flooded (in the occupied territory – OstroV) and are in a state of flooding, - Heorhiy Tuka predicted.

According to him, the same fate is expected by industrial enterprises, "some of which were dismantled and carefully exported to the territory of the Russian Federation, the other part was simply looted and sold for scrap".

"In fact, it is impossible to restore their activities. All participants agree with it at every meeting", - he concluded.

The Deputy Minister cannot say how the EU representatives see future of the liberated Donbass. "Unfortunately, I hear the same two theses as a mantra. The first one: Silicon Valley should be created in the Donbass, and the second thesis - it is necessary to create a free economic zone here", - H.Tuka said. In his opinion, there is not enough "infrastructure and human potential in the Donbass for the analogue of American technopark, since the majority of population living in the occupied territories is retirement-age people and Silicon Valley implies that several million employees work in the IT sector, which provides jobs for the residents of Donbass".

But the deputy minister fully supports the idea of creating free economic zone in the liberated territories as a general thesis, "because this is one of the most effective ways of attracting investments in a certain region".