Militants of the "DPR" make the well-known scholar in religious studies admit forming an armed gang – Kozlovsky’s colleague 02/03/2016 12:35:04. Total views 1704. Views today — 2.

Militants of the "DPR" arrested scholar Igor Kozlovsky on a charge of forming an armed gang, engaged in killings. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor MSUFA Valery Solovey wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"I was informed from Donetsk that 60-year-old professor Igor Kozlovsky was going to be charged (or had already been charged) of forming an armed gang, involved in looting and killing. As I was told, after being treated "in the basement" he confessed. Including preparation of murdering the Pope as instructed by the Lizards from Nibiru,"- wrote Solovey.

According to him, "dangerous witnesses are not needed. And not Jewish Bandera followers will deal with their utilization".

As previously reported, contact was lost with the well-known scholar in religious studies, lecturer of one of the universities of Donetsk Igor Kozlovsky on January 27th. The scholar could not leave Donetsk as took care of seriously ill son. has Information about the arrest of Igor Kozlovskyby "MSS of the DPR" appeared on January 31st.