The "DPR" suspects that the Ukrainian government does not want to let the Ukrainians go to the occupied territory to buy "cheap food" 02/01/2016 18:18:43. Total views 1228. Views today — 0.

The self-proclaimed "DNI" declares that the Ukrainian authorities intend to close the checkpoints on the contact line, so that Ukrainians don’t go for "cheap products" to the occupied territory. This was stated by the so-called "deputy commander of the Corps of Ministry of Defense" of the "DPR" Eduard Basurin, - reports the DAN separatist website.

"As a result of the preparing provocations, Ukrainian authorities intend to stop the admission of citizens of Ukraine to the territory of the DPR. This is due to significant differences in prices of basic food products in the border districts of Ukraine and the DPR,"- said Eduard Basurin.

According to him, bread, milk, vegetables, potatoes, cereals and other products in the occupied part of Donbass cost "significantly less" than on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time, residents of the occupied villages of Donetsk region have repeatedly stated about the high cost and poor quality of products supplied from Russia. Many people go to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities to buy food and household chemicals.

Earlier, the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi reported that the checkpoints would not start work as of February 1st if militants continued attacks at them. Later, he said that the Monday night was more or less peaceful,and the decision on the work of checkpoints in Artemovsk and Maryenka direction would be made later during the day.