IDPs with children ask president to pay attention to their problems with housing (VIDEO, PHOTO) 06/01/2018 13:06:04. Total views 1082. Views today — 0.

Several dozen of displaced persons are holding an action in honor of Children's Day in the center of Kyiv on the Independence Square, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

The action's purpose is to draw the attention of government to the solution of issue of providing housing for internally displaced persons.

"The situation with housing for the displaced children remains critical. The right of our children to their own homes has been violated for four years. It is we who are able to help solving this problem. One of the methods is a constant reminder to the authorities that our children are still on the street", - the organizers of the action say.

The IDPs brought cardboard houses, which children decorate.

After the action on Maidan, the activists will go to the President's Administration where they plan to deliver message to Petro Poroshenko with a request to take the Affordable Housing program's implementation under their personal control.