Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada reacted strongly to Lavrov's statement about the "rabid representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora" 01/29/2016 16:04:53. Total views 1332. Views today — 0.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Stephane Dion called inadmissible statements of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in regard to the Ukrainian diaspora - according to Ukrainski Novyny.

Dion noted that Canada was outraged by the invasion of Russia in Ukraine and stressed the important role of Ukrainians in Canada's history.

"We extremely disagree with the invasion of Russia, as well as government interference in the affairs in Ukraine. And we are not going to stand the humiliation of the Russian minister in regards to Ukrainian community in Canada. We owe so much to the Ukrainians in Canada and will always support them", - he said.

Sergei Lavrov made a high-profile statement on the role of the Ukrainian diaspora in the foreign policy of the former government of Canada on January 26th during the final press conference of 2015.

"The last two years were generally a period of missed opportunities in relation to Canada, when the previous government suddenly took a sharp Russophobic line, it ceased bilateral ties, imposed sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities, stopped cooperation of intergovernmental commission on trade and economic issues," - he said .

According to Lavrov, the government of ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper took an impulsive action, "taking a course of blind adherence to the requirements of rabid representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada."