Militants start shooting when they see OSCE SMM patrols and threat the observers with guard dogs 04/16/2018 13:29:48. Total views 872. Views today — 0.

The militants of the terrorist "DNP/LNR" continue to harshly obstruct the work of the OSCE SMM patrols. This is stated in the next report of the Mission.

On April 13, the SMM saw two tanks as well as two armoured personnel carriers (APC) (BTR-80) in Uzhivka about 150m west of the SMM’s position and located near civilian houses. Three men wearing military-style clothing saw the SMM and one of them fired a shot into the air, which the SMM assessed as a warning shot. The SMM immediately left the area.

An even more egregious case of obstructing the work of the OSCE SMM occurred at the Chervona Mohyla railway station in Voznesenivka. Two men in military-type clothing (about 45-50 years old) told the SMM to leave the area, citing that it was “not allowed” to be there. One of the men told the SMM that he would “unleash the guard dog” the next time the SMM would be in the area.