"Blank impossibility of making calls". The "DNR" occupants recognized another "hardware failure" of Phoenix mobile 04/13/2018 18:03:50. Total views 923. Views today — 0.

The residents of occupied Donetsk and Makiivka were warned once again about serious failures in operation of the already temperamental Phoenix separatist mobile operator. This is stated in the report of fake "Communications Minister" Viktor Yatsenko.

According to the report, this time, the communication was lost "due to an accident on the switching core".

Representatives of the occupation authorities warned subscribers that they "may have problems with voice calls within the network".

"There was a hardware failure on the switching core of Phoenix mobile operator at 12:57 as a result of switching to another traffic processing technology. The failure in network resulted in 90% degradation of the voice mobile communication service and almost complete inability to make a voice call by subscribers in Donetsk and Makiivka", - Viktor Yatsenko explained.

Yesterday, a mobile connection from Phoenix did not work in occupied Donetsk too. The occupants called the works "for modernization on their own radio network in Donetsk" as the reason.

As previously reported, on January 11, Vodafone (MTS) mobile communication disconnected throughout the occupied territory of Donbass. It was soon resumed in Luhansk, but has not yet appeared on the territory of the Donetsk oblast controlled by the militants. In this situation, the demand for start packages of the previously unpopular Phoenix separatist operator, created on the equipment stolen from Ukrainian Kyivstar, has sharply increased. More than a million of subscribers joined it in a short time. However, Phoenix was not able to serve the sharply increased traffic and provide a decent level of communication.