Public leaders offered an alternative resolution of the problem in Donbass, alternative to the Minsk one 01/27/2016 17:15:19. Total views 1293. Views today — 0.

The Constituent process of working out the new Constitution of Ukraine with the participation of representatives of South-East of the country will solve the problem of Donbass and "save face" of Putin, Merkel and Hollande. Public leaders said this today at the press conference in Kiev and called for a public movement called Movement for the sovereignty of Ukraine.

"We really need new Constitution of Ukraine. But it should not be developed conspiratorially behind the scenes, but through open civil dialogue and Constituent process. In addition, representatives of South-East of Ukraine should take part in it. And that's exactly what widespread civic movement should achieve, the creation of which we call all who want to live successfully in free Ukraine", - said the press release.

Members of the initiative group noted: "This is not just another party to gain power, it’s a broad movement of conscious citizens that will change the system of government and direct it to serve people and citizens."

The press conference was attended by deputy of Ukraine of 3,6,7 convocations Inna Bogoslovska, chief editor of OstroV website Sergey Garmash, deputy of Ukraine of 1-4, 6 convocations Taras Stetskiv, deputy of 1, 2, 4 convocations, Hero of Ukraine Stepan Khmara, judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (2006-2015) Viktor Shishkin, chief executive of Scriptum TCC Andrey Molodorich.

"We are unanimous in the belief that the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine or any of its amendments is the only sovereign will of the Ukrainian people. No official of Ukraine has and can have authority to make commitments to change the Basic Law. Neither do the heads of foreign states, one of which is the aggressor and occupier,"- said initiators of the social movement.

"That is why we call the Ukrainian society, all Ukrainian patriots, regardless of political party preferences, to participate in the creation and deployment of the broad social movement, which ultimate aim is to obtain full sovereignty of Ukraine. And, accordingly, its acquisition of the status of the real subject of international relations", - concluded the press conference.