ATO HQ reports that the guerrillas attacked the Donbass militants and took their weapons 04/03/2018 17:32:46. Total views 829. Views today — 0.

The ATO headquarters’ press center reports cases of local population’s guerrilla attacks against the occupants on the territory of the Donbass.

"The discontent with the presence of Russian-occupation troops continues to grow among the local population of the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, as evidenced by the numerous aggressive actions against the occupiers. The facts indicate that the guerrilla movement is gaining momentum on the territories that are not controlled by the government of Ukraine. Its purpose is to complicate the life of the occupants", - the message says.

In particular, according to the Ukrainian intelligence, on April 1 a group of unknown people attacked two militants in Holmivsky settlement (zone of responsibility of one of the subdivisions Russian-occupation troops).

"The militants suffered bodily injuries of varying severity. The "guerrillas" took the invaders' weapons and disappeared in an unknown direction. They could not be detained in the hot pursuit. They are still on the wanted list. Measures of protection and defence were strengthened in the places of the deployment of militants due to the incident", - the press center reported.