Ex-militant from the so-called "First Slavic Brigade" surrendered to the police in Bakhmut 04/02/2018 18:13:57. Total views 1214. Views today — 0.

Former militant from the so-called "First Slavic Brigade" has surrendered to the police in Bakhmut, - the department of communication of the national police headquarters in the Donetsk oblast reports.

The resident of Kramatorsk joined the ranks of the armed gang in 2014, having left his family. After passing the probationary period, he was appointed to the "First Slavic Brigade" as a gun pointer. After half a year, the recruit became disillusioned with the ideas of the "DNR" and resigned. Right after that, the 32-year-old man felt the negative attitude of former "colleagues": all his Ukrainian documents were burned, he was invited to the police, where he gave explanations about his decision.

The mercenary began to secretly search for ways to return to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and learned that there is a "Return home" service in the police, and for those who did not commit serious crimes, the law provides for the possibility of getting rid of punishment. It is noted that he "went out to the policemen of Bakhmut".

Criminal proceedings were opened under Part 2 of Art. 260 "Creation of non-statutory paramilitary or armed groups" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Only after a thorough check and sending materials of the case to the court, the man can be relieved from criminal liability.