Militant Khodakovsky warned Zakharchenko & Co. that his armored train is ready for battle 04/02/2018 12:50:30. Total views 1168. Views today — 0.

The creator of the Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovsky warned the leader of the "DNR" that the illegal paramilitary units created by him are still subject to him and are ready for battle. He mentioned this in social networks.

"One funny person, apparently hurt by my accusations of the current commanders-in-chief that they are betraying us, wrote me yesterday that I had to shut up because my train had left the station... I somewhat agree with this person: the train is mine, I built it myself, I manage it myself, I have covered it with armor, and my armored train is not on the sideline - it is quite working", - the militant wrote.

"Zakharchenko and his entourage, no matter how hard they try, cannot break up what I have created in the military aspect. They come to my posts for PR. I am still responsible for tasks in some areas on which, without my and my commanders’ control, everything would have turned everything into rubbish long ago. While eight battalions of "all the king’s men" push a pen behind our backs, in the deep rear. They are shaking with fear that they might be kicked from the occupied positions", - he demonstrates his involvement in the military construction of the quasi-republic.

"I can promise that while I'm alive, they will be shaking", - he summed up.