"We offer a dialogue" OSCE SMM called the reason for meetings with the DNR" and "LNR" leaders 03/30/2018 18:34:48. Total views 967. Views today — 0.

Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Alexander Hug has confirmed that he had a meeting with the "LNR" leader Leonid Pasechnik at the beginning of the week. He said this at a briefing that was broadcasted in Kyiv today, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"In accordance with its mandate, the OSCE SMM in Ukraine wants to facilitate the establishment of dialogue. The mission has always maintained a dialogue with those who have actual control, including in areas that are not controlled by the government", - he said.

"We offer a dialogue and expect everyone who is involved in this dialogue to do it sincerely. I met with Pasechnik at the beginning of the week, and the conversation was focused on the safety of our employees. It also dealt with security in general and humanitarian issues", - Hug added.

"We are always open for communication and dialogue", - he concluded.