Flooding of Yunkom radiation mine will begin in "DNR" from April 14 03/26/2018 15:20:54. Total views 1474. Views today — 1.

Pumping water at the Yunkom mine in the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast, where a nuclear explosion was set off in 1979, will be completely stopped on April 14. This is reported by separatist media with reference to the fake "Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining" of the "DNR".

Now the enterprise removes the equipment.

According to the occupation "authorities", the "wet" conservation of the Klivazh facility of the Yuny Kommunar mine will not lead to pollution of the environment. It is noted that "scientists of a number of specialized scientific institutes" came to such conclusions after the research.

"According to the data of these institutions, liquidation of the mine with its full flooding will not cause any environmental consequences and the impact of radioactive substances on the surface and on neighboring mines", —A.Smyslov, "head of the Department for Restructuring and Closing of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining's Enterprises", said.

It is stated that the current radiation situation at the coal enterprise "corresponds to the natural radiation background", "the termination of pumping water at the Yuny Kommunar mine will not lead to the release of radionuclides to the surface of the earth, ground and surface water". "The pollution of ground and surface water is impossible", - the occupation "authorities" assure.

The Yuny Kommunar mine was put into operation in 1892 and was restored in 1949. In order to reduce the likelihood of sudden methane outburst on the eastern wing of mine field of the enterprise that was part of Ordzhonikidzeugol at that time, a nuclear explosion was carried out at a depth of 903 meters on September 16, 1979 under the conventional name "Klivazh Experiment" (its capacity is approximately comparable to the explosion of 250 -300 tons of trotol). The mine was chosen for the experiment as the most dangerous in terms of gas dynamic phenomena and high industrial traumatism from them. After the explosion, the enterprise continued to mine coal, observation of the radiation situation of the environment were carried out.

Due to the lack of funds and low efficiency of work during 1996-2000, the mine came to a state when its further operation became impossible, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine No. 682 of 24.12.2001, mining operations were stopped. The project for the liquidation of the Yuny Kommunar mine was developed by the Dneprogiproshaht Institute state-owned enterprise. It was approved by the order of the Ministry of Coal Mining of Ukraine No. 394 of 04.08.2008.