"DNR/LNR" summoned Poroshenko to Donetsk for a "jury trial" and assigned him "a trial lawyer" 03/20/2018 16:45:42. Total views 1247. Views today — 1.

On March 26-27, the authorities of the occupied Donbass intend to hold a meeting of the so-called "People's Tribunal" as a propaganda farce, at which they plant to “pass judgement” upon the highest political and military leadership of Ukraine. The separatist media report this, referring to the statement of the "lawyers" from the "DNR/LNR".

"We inform you that today the "official" summons of the defendants to the first hearing will be sent, which will be held in Donetsk on March 26 and 27", - said Elena Shishkina, a former Ukrainian judge who betrayed the oath.

She clarified that they were going to send this information to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and other defendants via e-mail.

"We give them the right to attend the court hearing, and we can also provide a video connection if they do not want to come to Donetsk", - added another "lawyer".

The "judges" appointed a single lawyer for all "defendants", saying that "the participation of a trial lawyer is mandatory, since any person is guaranteed the right to defend their interests in court".

The trial is promised to be carried out with the participation of "jurors" and taking into account "Ukrainian legislation and norms of international law".

The separatist lawyers have not yet answered where the "national tribunal" with the powers to judge the president and people's deputies is mentioned in the norms of the Ukrainian law.

Even more ridiculous are the references to the norms of international law on the part of the unrecognized self-proclaimed quasi-republic, whose status is determined from "occupied territories" to the "territory under effective control of another state".

The "people's tribunal" and its "rulings" are legally void from the point of view of any law.