Vostok Battalion militants will not allow Russia to implement Minsk agreements 03/14/2018 15:56:50. Total views 1065. Views today — 0.

If Putin makes a decision different from the aspirations of a fighter on the front line, then the fighter "will not look back at Vladimir Putin's opinion". This was stated at conference of the "Patriotic Forces of Donbass" non-governmental organization by its leader Alexander Khodakovsky during his speech. The conference was held in Donetsk on 11 March.

"Vladimir Putin does not manage all the processes. If he makes a decision that lies in a different plane from those motives guided by a fighter on the front line, then the fighter at the front will make his own decision. He will not look back at Vladimir Putin's opinion", - Khodakovsky stated.

"And we should help our politicians (and I call Russian politicians our politicians) to make the right decisions. They should understand that if they make wrong decisions about us, here, on the spot, regardless of the formalization, we will say our word", – the militant threatened.

Khodakovsky stressed that his organization would not allow the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which provided for the return of Ukrainian jurisdiction to the occupied Donbass.

"We will not become part of Ukraine. We will do the political conjuncture's bidding under no event, and we will get tough with talks about our entry into Ukraine", - the collaborator stated.