Instead of the promised by the "DNR" trams of their "own production", they will repair the old ones at best 03/05/2018 11:57:30. Total views 2013. Views today — 0.

Trams of the "DNR’s own production", the assembly of which was promised to begin "from scratch", in fact, will be old wagons after complete overhaul. This follows from the information of the Russian Kommersant edition, which differs somewhat from the statements of the fake "Ministry of Industry and Trade".

Thus, the separatist mass media reported that the delegation of the “DNR” visited IzhGorElektroTrans company in the city of Izhevsk within the framework of the All-Russian Technical Seminar for managers and specialists of city electric transport enterprises. There, the parties allegedly agreed on comprehensive cooperation in the production of the “Donetsk” trams.

In fact, as reported by Russian media, representatives of the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast really agreed on "getting consulting assistance in complete overhaul of trams using Izhevsk technology”.

So, we are not talking about the assembling of new trams, but about the repair of the old rolling stock, which was inherited by the authorities of the "DNR" as a result of the appropriation of all Donetsk property.

Why will Izhevsk advise "wagon builders of the DNR"? Since 2014, they do the so-called restyling of old Czech trams Tatra T3, built in 1960-1999. That is, exactly the same ones which carried passengers in Ukrainian Donetsk for many years and continue to do so now.

The "plastic surgery" of the old car consists in replacing the old fiberglass and outer parts. Also, new energy-saving drives and control elements are installed and the damaged, worn or corroded elements of the carcass and carpeting are restored.

At the same time, IzhGorElektroTrans can help the occupied Donetsk only by consulting, since they do not manufacture the paneling. KORA-Engineering enterprise from Naberezhnye Chelny has mastered the rigging and production of parts using the technology of contact molding of fiberglass. It is possible that the fiberglass panels will be smuggled into the occupied Donetsk. But at the same time, the fact remains: there will be no production of new trams "from scratch". At best, the old Donetsk trams will look like Izhevsk cars.

In the Russian Izhevsk, they learned how to make modern wagons from old Czech trams. But this does not mean that the Donetsk invaders will be able to do something similar.