Putin is not against peacekeepers throughout occupied Donbass 03/01/2018 11:00:11. Total views 1052. Views today — 0.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he personally "is not against", but the issue of introduction of peacekeepers throughout the occupied Donbass should be resolved by negotiations with the puppet occupation administrations of the "DNP/LNR". He said this at a press conference following the results of the Russian-Austrian talks, - Russian media reports.

"Now they say: no, they (the UN peacekeepers – OstroV) need to be deployed everywhere(including on the border with Russia – OstroV). That is, in fact, it is about putting all this territory under international control. Is Russia for or against this? At least we do not mind. But this needs to be negotiated with these unrecognized "republics". Go on and agree with them. But no, no one wants to do this", - the president of the Russian Federation stated.

As previously reported, Russia supports the pro-Russian occupation administrations on the territory beyond Ukraine's control financially, logistically and ideologically. There is no evidence to speak about the independence of the "DNP/LNR".