Terrorist Girkin proposes to shoot corrupt officials 02/27/2018 17:41:05. Total views 1079. Views today — 0.

Militant Igor Girkin (Strelkov) proposed to fight corruption starting with the Russian curator of the project "Russian Spring" Vladislav Surkov. He wrote about this in the LiveJournal website, commenting on the detentions of the "DNR minister" and the employees of the so-called "Ministry of Coal" for theft.

In his opinion, it is necessary to begin with the "top" officials.

"In order to seriously curb (I wanted to write "overcome" but it’s unlikely...) corruption in the DNR, we need to start with the "top". The fish rots from its head as well. From super-crook Vladislav Surkov, the grim bandit Timofeev ("Tashkent") - to all those who were later appointed to the posts. Otherwise, nothing will come of it: a hole formed in rows of thieves will immediately be filled by the same bandits", - he wrote.

He believes that corrupt officials need to be treated according to the "wartime laws", that is, it is necessary to punish them by "execution and/or battalion of military offenders".

As previously reported, more than 20 employees of the fake "Ministry of Coal and Energy" operating in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast were detained on suspicion "of embezzling more than $1.76 million".