The "DPR" threatens to turn off the electric power in enterprises that pay for electricity in Ukraine 01/25/2016 21:49:43. Total views 1194. Views today — 0.

The so-called "Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR" threatens to turn off the power of the enterprises on the occupied territories of Donetsk region, that pay for electricity on account of Ukrainian banks. This was reported on the website of the "Ministry of Coal and Energy".

According to the "institution", some legal entities and individual-entrepreneurs continue to pay for electricity on account of Ukrainian banks "despite numerous warnings".

As representatives of the militants think, in this way "they not only support financially military actions against residents of Donbass but also violate current laws of the DPR."

"The Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR says that the power cut will be carried out in the future without additional notice. Supply of electricity will be resumed only after the repayment of the entire amount of the debt and payment of services on the connection,"- noted the fake institution.

As reported by OstroV, the administration of the DTEK Donetskoblenergo was instructed at the beginning of January to prepare for the transmission the electronic consumer database with whom they have got an agreement for the supply of electricity for the relevant accounts for the payment of bills by consumers to the so-called "CRB" of the "DPR".