Zakharchenko tightened the rules for leaving for free Ukraine: with written permission and if the MSS does not mind 02/20/2018 14:40:50. Total views 803. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko secretly changed the text of his "decree" on the prohibition of the departure of workers of "state" and "municipal" enterprises to the free territory of Ukraine. This follows from a comparison of the two variants, published by the militants at different times.

So initially, the "decree" No. 363 forbade all employees of "state" and "municipal" organizations to leave the occupied territory. Frightened of the negative reaction of the population, the leader of the "republic" actually disavowed one of the points of his "decree", saying that it referred only to the executives. But the text of the document remained the same.

Some time later, the "decree" was toughened, namely "hundreds of thousands of workers of libraries, schools, hospitals" seemed to be permitted to leave the occupied territory, but the provisions, which have appeared in the decree, restricted this right. Firstly, the so-called "Ministry for state security of the DNR", according the sudden additions to the "decree", got the opportunity to ban any "state" and "municipal" worker to leave "upon the written recommendation".

Secondly, everyone, who wants to travel to free Ukraine, is now obliged to notify the management about their trip in writing, that is, in fact receive permission to visit their relatives and friends.