Main "DNR" propagandist Basurin frightens people with "street fighting" and "sweeps of cities" 02/12/2018 10:51:07. Total views 778. Views today — 0.

The residents of the occupied Donbass in the "DNR" are being frightened with possible battles in the city line with the subsequent "sweep" by the AFU. Eduard Basurin, who calls himself "deputy commander of the operational command", made such statement.

According to him, foreign instructors arrived in Bakhmut to train the servicemen of the AFU in fighting tactics in urban conditions with subsequent sweeps of settlements.

"Some Western countries continue to support Kyiv's aspirations to unleash active military operations in the Donbass. Foreign instructors have arrived in Artemivsk (Bakhmut – OstroV), under the guidance of which it is planned to conduct trainings with personnel of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of conducting military operations in urban conditions, as well as the sweeps of settlements", – Basurin said without mentioning the countries that had sent their instructors to Ukraine.