Mosiychuk states that the FSB arrested the former leader of the "LNR" in Moscow 01/26/2018 16:12:31. Total views 903. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian MP Ihor Mosiychuk said that former leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky had been arrested in Moscow. He wrote this in Facebook.

"Rats devour rats! Moscow confirmed: yesterday the FSB arrested the former head of the Luhansk occupation administration Igor Plotnytsky. Every collaborator will face such fate! Some (as Givi and Motorola) will be liquidated by Ukrainian security forces and others, like Plotnitsky, by Kremlin special services. Zakharchenko is the next one!", -  he wrote.

As previously reported, as a result of the confrontation caused by the conflict between the "head of the LNR" Igor Plotnitsky and the "head of the Interior Ministry" Igor Kornet in occupied Luhansk, Plotnitsky was forced to flee to Russia, having disassociated himself from the position of "head of the republic". The chief of "LNR’s Ministry for State Security" Leonid Pasechnik became the new "head of the republic".