Luhansk "chekists" expelled former militant, handed over by Ukraine within a framework of exchange, from the "LNR" 01/25/2018 17:36:20. Total views 808. Views today — 0.

The fake "Ministry of State Security of the LNR" has expelled Roman Kurchenko, handed over to the militants in late 2017 within a framework of exchange of prisoners, from the occupied part of Luhansk oblast, - the report of the "department" said.

It is noted that the former serviceman of the "LNR" armed gang was accused of being "an agent of the SBU, taken to the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic (terrorist organization – OstroV) under the legend of prisoner of war".

Allegedly a resident of Rubizhne city Roman Kunchenko "was forced to give written consent on cooperation with the SBU under the threat of reprisal against his family and, according to its instructions, to come to Luhansk to carry out intelligence activity in favor of Ukraine".

"To that end, Kunchenko was included in the lists for the exchange of prisoners and worked out a task to collect personal data of medical workers, public employees and law enforcement officials", - the report said.

From all appearances, this information was to be collected by Kunchenko in places where the militants, released by Ukraine, undergo a course of rehabilitation.

According to the version of Luhansk "chekists", he had to send the data obtained to his wife by his mobile phone. What the wife would do with names and surnames of the nurses dictated to her is not specified. Then, "the LNR Ministry of State Security" continues to "expose", Kunchenko "was to return to Rubizhne and continue his work for the SBU as a provocateur in order to identify citizens who are ready to resist the criminal regime in Kyiv".

Where exactly the former prisoner was expelled from the "republic" is not specified in the report.