Central authorities support the idea of launching the airport in Mariupol – Mayor 01/22/2016 20:02:20. Total views 1187. Views today — 0.

Central authorities support the idea of ​​launching the airport in Mariupol. Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko, who recently returned from Kiev, told journalists about that – reports DEPO.

"Agreement was reached with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure also supports the decision that we will move towards the opening of the airport," - he said, commenting on his multi-day trip.

Boychenko said in regard to the military, who are now located at the airport, that "today we have already found other locations where we can place qualitative military contingent, that is located in Mariupol."

"The airport should perform dual function - both civilian and military," - said the Mayor.