PoweredTemplate introduces interface for Chinese speaking users 01/22/2018 15:49:28. Total views 1344. Views today — 0.

A royalty-free digital media library PoweredTemplate has introduced Chinese language version, oping up opportunities for one of the largest markets in the world. Since 2017, Chinese users can easily make a search against a database, benefitting from a large number of professional pre-made templates for business, education and self-expression.

The value of visual perception is not to be questioned, as 80 percent of the sensory information comes from our eyes. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, thus, no presentation can do without pictorials and illustrations. PowerPoints, Google slides themes, diagrams and brochures have proven to be successful means of transmitting meaningful information in the most optimal way. Effective, impressive and straightforward, yet, way too time-sapping – that used to be the plain truth about visual aid. PoweredTemplate has come a long way to change the situation drastically, minimizing the time spent on preparations and organizational deeds.

What matters now is the essence, core message to communicate. Everything else becomes rather automatic and instantaneous with over 50,000 templates fit for every single purpose that might be possibly brought to the table. Across the board tools featured in the library are always professional, stylish and versatile, outpicturing a wide variety of widespread themes including, but not limited to:

•   Abstract & Textures

•   Agriculture

•   Animals and Pets

•   Art & Entertainment

•   Business and Financial

•   Industries

•   Computers

•   Consulting & Services

•   Education & Training

•   International

•   Health, Recreation and Holiday

•   3D

Whether an upcoming international meeting or a domestic conference, lesson, school assignment or private event is the case, easily navigated library has got numerous options for users from all over the world. Since its launch in 2004, PowerTemplate has made it into the top ranking list of quality content providers with over 760, 000 users and free daily updates in most categories. For the convenience of use, thousands of templates have been organized into the following categories:

•  PowerPoints;

•  Word cover pages;

•  Diagrams & Charts;

•  newsletters;

•  posters and flyers;

•  brochures;

•  Google slides themes;

•  maps;

•  clip art;

•  business cards;

•  letterheads;

•  postcards;

•  advertising templates and more.

User-friendly interface and different language versions along with reasonable payment plans and plentiful of free templates expand the creative horizons for all kinds of audiences. Whether it is a highly skilled professional, intern, student or gifted enthusiast, Silver and Gold Memberships allow easy download of designs, created by visual art professionals from seven continents. PoweredTemplate’s team has in sight nothing less than a global scale delivery of services, putting a premium on convenience and ubiquity.

In 2017, Chinese version joined a family of 10 others, including English, German, Netherlands, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean, with more options to be added in future. In 2018, digital library is going to continue its daily update rule and cling to its established policies:

•  granting instant access;
•  timely customer support;
•  transparent payment system and easy refunds.

PowerTemplate grants user’s satisfaction or gives money back, honoring all refund requests right away. Multitudinous positive feedbacks and customers’ testimonials serve as the key to a certainty on either side, warranting every download. Making time-consuming and complicated things easy and quick – that is exactly what the library does to every project entrusted. Unique designs and brilliant templates are to be found at https://poweredtemplate.com/